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Systems Integration & Automation

Improve the efficiency of your existing processes

This is a sample of the data visualization we can build for your company. This dashboard showcases the reporting capabilities we can offer with your existing data to inform you on how your people and processes are performing.

Data sources can include almost any SQL database, NoSQL database, spreadsheets, log files, etc. It is based on open standards such as HTML5, CCS3 and Javascript, along with popular opensource software projects like Bootstrap, Vue.js and Node.js. Using this dashboard can lower software costs and support a broad range of devices.

Your company is a tech company

Our services are relevant in all industries. Some of our recent projects include:

Financial Systems

  • Creating secure client portals
  • Automating information distribution
  • Creating self-populating, live dashboards
  • Installing security checks and balances


  • Automating point-of-sale data aggregation
  • Pulling data from multiple locations to monitor employee performance and customer trends


  • Securely syncing data between different provider networks
  • Pulling data from dissimilar systems
  • Eliminating need for entering redundant data in multiple locations

  • Collecting data on guest behavior to predict financial status and purchasing opportunities


  • Automating invoice processing
  • Quoting bids for potential jobs
  • Employee/job scheduling
  • Accounting integration
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software integration
  • Production app creation


  • Creating tenant portals to exchange and store agreements, payments, and forms


Removing Redundancy

Systems that do not synchronize with one another lead to wasted time re-entering data.

Remedium Systems brings your company’s platforms and data together. We do this through back-end integration or by interfacing with existing systems only accessible through secure portals. Both of these solutions take advantage of the high availability of cloud storage, while leaving you fully in control.

Creating Meaningful Data

By aggregating your data into a single space, you can see trends and fluctuations in real time. This transparency maximizes your opportunities for streamlining processes, recognizing patterns of behavior, and engaging current and past clients — ensuring a high return on your investments.


Data & Process Automation

We utilize automation sequences to reduce manual processes such as quoting estimates, inventory allocation, and ordering high volumes of materials. Automating these tasks allows for error-free and fast reporting, freeing up your employees’ time and improving the consistency of these reports.

Additionally, we create secure client portals that contain “process triggering”, which automatically notifies end users when new information is available.

Network Automation

We can automate network performance monitoring, triggering sequential events.

Do you have additional servers spun up to compensate for heavy usage? It can be automated.

Do you need fail-overs triggered in the event of a disruption? It can be instantaneous.

Do you need reports run that concatenate dissimilar systems output? Do you have multiple retail locations where POS systems do not report to your central office?

We can pull all that information together and display it in a portal, an app, or a single report.