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Server 2008 Upgrade/Migration Options

When your company has a server that runs well, gives you no trouble, and you practically forget it is there doing its job silently: you wonder, “why upgrade?”
And the answer has become simple, “you must, it’s time.” For any number of reasons (security foremost) it is time to upgrade before the January deadline.

Remedium Systems is available to give your company solid advice on your hardware, as well as the path to upgrade your software. Smaller companies have it easy in a way because their setup isn’t likely to be overly complicated. As a result, migrating to Server 2019 can come as a fresh install, running alongside the old server until the settings and roles are verified.

Medium to large size companies have a few more considerations to evaluate before the work actually starts. Upgrading Server 2008 all the way up to 2019 is a series of intermediate upgrades through 2012 and 2016. Each step along the way will require testing and validation before progressing to the next. And if you aren’t lucky enough to have new hardware, you may have to perform the upgrades in a production environment risking downtime at any stage.
But, with careful planning ahead of time, Remedium Systems can lead you through the whole process.

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