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Vulnerable Operating Systems, Antiransomware, And Backups

As many of our readers know, Microsoft has released several security related patches these last 2 months. These patches address a wide range of exploits that are often targeted by ransomware attacks. Some of the most vulnerable systems are still running Windows 7 and Server 2008.
If you find yourself in the position of running these versions of the operating systems you should begin exploring your options as soon as possible.

Updating to Windows 10 and Server 2019 would be a great first step. These systems are less vulnerable to the typical attempts made to get access, and infiltrate your network. Our company, Remedium Systems, can help you assess the steps necessary to move your environment to these far more modern, and secure, systems.

A more immediate step for some users would be to get reliable and effective protection on all of your connected devices. There are two forms of this protection and many people only know about the first, antivirus. Back-in-the-day, all we had were viruses and trojans, so that protection was the best (and nearly only) defense for a computer. But today, we also have antiransomware software which is a totally different method of protection. This software watches for odd behaviors in your file system. Something that your antivirus software does not do. It runs alongside your current antivirus software, no matter the vendor.

When deployed throughout your network, antiransomware can stop the actions within seconds. Preserving the vast majority of your files, and restoring the few encrypted files to their original state. There are several types of ransomware which work in different ways. Only by watching the behavior of your systems can you stop its action.

And finally, getting your data and systems properly backed up is important for any number of reasons. Some legacy systems should be backed up to an image which can be restored to the machine. These backups would then be stored both onsite, as well as offsite. Several copies to protect against any number of problems. Surprisingly to many, this is not an expensive process in materials or time. Storage has become far cheaper in the last 2 years, enabling you to store more data at very reasonable prices.

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