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Server 2008 Extended Support Coming To An End

Not only is Windows 7 support coming to an end in January, but Server 2008 is also reaching the end of Extended Support.
Many companies still have installations of Server 2008 onsite. Running applications and hosting databases, as well as the typical roles of print server and file server.

It is now time to assess those roles and plan a migration over the next few months. Chances are you haven’t virtualized many (or all) of those roles. Or if you have, you have missed out on meaningful virtualization improvements in Server 2012 and 2016 along the way.

Unfortunately, there is no convenient migration button to click. And the process of migration will involve several intermediary steps if you try and avoid building from scratch. Before you put this off for a few more months, you should start as soon as possible. Time will fly quickly during the planning phase.

Small businesses: is there a reason to move to ‘the cloud’ for hosting?

  • While attractive, you may not want everything up there.
  • Monthly costs will be the new norm, though easy to budget.
  • Reliable connectivity will be absolutely important.
  • However, having a server onsite is very convenient and still appropriate for a small company. Building a new server from the ground up will not be too complex, and will give you a significant boost in performance.

Medium and Large businesses: migration will often occur in multiple phases over a period of time.

  • If you have virtualized servers already, the process will be somewhat easier.
  • Planning will still take time and cannot be avoided.
  • Likely you may have put off recommended improvements to the architecture. This will be an excellent time to implement those improvements as a part of the process.
    Remedium Systems can work hand-in-hand with your I.T. staff to design and orchestrate this migration. Allowing your staff to continue their daily work, your company will see no impact on productivity.

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