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Security Benefits of Windows 10 vs Windows 7

Remedium Systems is often asked why Windows 10 is better. It is a very broad question to deal with effectively, but what it comes down to for most: better security and protection. The last thing we want to worry about is malware on our computers. Many avoid even thinking about it as much as possible, “I don’t see a problem, there must not be a problem.”

Calculating percentages is never an easy task, but if we were to share one: 65% of malware found is on Windows 7 machines alone. Which leaves about 15% on Windows 10.
And finally this summer, Windows 10 installations have slightly edged ahead of Windows 7 installations.

So it is time to heed Microsoft’s advice, and upgrade to Windows 10. Remedium Systems can assist any business, small to large, with this task. We are always available to give a no cost, no obligation analysis. Contact us today!